Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dimensional Paper Flowers with 3D paint

These paper flowers are soo fun to make with 3D paint. So if you have some lying around, break them out and try this technique. I have a video on my channel to explain how to make these flowers.

You can apply the 3D paint after you crumple your flower as you see on the first flower. Or you can apply the 3D paint after you shape your flower as you see on the second flower. You distinctly get different looks. The paint doesn't harden your flowers like mod podge but just strengthens them and makes it more flexible to manipulate - like a coated fabric. These flowers are great to decorate your art journals, minis, layouts and cards - they also hold up really well. It's a cost effective way to make your own customized embellies!!

In the next picture: the top row is the before shot of the unfinished flowers. The second row is achieved by crumpling the paper flowers and then applying the "Glittering Crystals" 3D paint after to get enhance the creases. I love the sheen it gives. It's similar to Stickles but gives your flowers more movement which I like.

Below is the one of the 3D paints that I use and it gives a really nice pearl finish. My favorite is 'Glittering Crystals' because it's transparent with a smaller translucent glitter. I used it to demo the flowers above. The paint comes in lots of colors and glitters so try them to see what works best for you. Really, at $1.79 a bottle, you can't NOT try it! Have fun with it and thanks for stopping by :)


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